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 Rules and Regulation/Conduct Rules





Every students residing in the H.D.Jain College,Ara during the term of the courses shall be directly under disciplinary jurisdiction of the superintendent and the college authority.


In case of indiscipline, misconduct, misbehavior, stealing or damaging any college property, the boarders are liable for any punishment as may be imposed by the authority superintendent.


Possessing or consuming any drugs or intoxicant of any kind, possessing or using any fire arms, lethal weapon, explosive or dangerous substance on the premises of the college will be dealt with as per provision of the rules of the college authority.


Boarders are not allowed to permit any unauthorized person in the college. No outsider shall be allowed in the hostel premises after 6 p.m.


Ragging, bullying or harassing any students are strictly prohibited and is subject to the expulsion from the college.


Indulging in any kind of violence, assault, intimidation or threatening in the College or outside by any boarder will be severely dealt with.


Disorderly behaviors in any form by the boarder are liable for disciplinary action including expulsion from the Hostel and the College.


Boarders are not allowed to use T.V., Transistor, Electric Iron, Heater, Stove etc. in the Rooms


Monitor/Monitress and Asstt. Monitor/Asstt.Monitree or other office bearers or the Members of the Mess Committee will be appointed by the Superintendent and may be terminated at any time in case of failure of discharging their duties.


All boarders must appear in all the college Examination and secure pass in all the papers.


Boarders who fail in the College & University Examinations shall forfeit seats in the college.


Boarders must not remain outside the hostel premises after 6 p.m. they must sit for study latest by 6-30 p.m.


Boarders must get up before 6 a.m. and on no account shall leave the college premises in the morning. At least two hours time must be devoted to study in the morning.


Boarders are not allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission from the college Superintendent.


Boarders shall not misbehave the Hostel Cooks and manuals. Boarders are not allowed to enter into the kitchen, except Mess Manager, Store keeper & Monitor/Monitress.


Boarders must keep the college as well as the rooms neat & clean and properly arranged. All the occupants of the rooms shall be jointly responsible for furniture, fittings and cleanliness and decency of the rooms.


No Meetings & any other functions are allowed in the college premises without the prior permission of the superintendent.


Mess dues of every month must be deposited within the stipulated time as fixed by the Superintendent.


Boarders must abide by the rules, notifications and orders issued by the Superintendent from time to time.


Leave applications and any other complaint/information must come through Monitor/Monitress of the college. Boarders must maintain individual leave and it must be counter singed by parents/Legal guardians.


Boarders must abide by the rules, notifications and orders issued by the Superintendent from time to time.


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